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Zero Pozitive Publicis is a full-service, advertising and marketing firm. Our purpose is to be the first choice marketing firm in Kosovo for brands with passion, true sense and heart. Zero Pozitive Publicis has derived from the first advertising agency in Kosovo established in 1999.

Six years later, in 2005 Zero Pozitive LLC was established to deliver comprehensive marketing communication services in Kosovo and Albania. In 2006 Zero Pozitive was accredited as The Associate Agency of the Publicis Worldwide Network. Today, Zero Pozitive Publicis is the fastest growing marketing communications firm in Kosovo.

What we do

At Zero Pozitive we believe that unbelievable can be reached. We thrive to do it again and again. We were established to create strong brands and to serve brands with character. Our aim is to deliver functionality. We do this successfully because we listen. Our creative logic lies upon realism, allowing us to deliver long standing contagious actions. We pay thorough attention to what public is saying. Our creations’ have peoples signature!


Zero Pozitive Publicis have brought together the strategic, creative and technological expertise in order to achieve communication excellence on a national and international scale. By offering strength and depth in disciplines as diverse as communication strategy, integrated marketing campaigns, brand building, systems integration, B2B, CRM, advertising, media, public relations and direct marketing, we provide the combined services to ensure client’s communications are effective in all media and across all markets.

Lead the Change

Lead the Change is our mantra and is at the heart of our purpose. We all live in a world of accelerated change. You can either adapt to change, ignore it or lead it. If we want to be effective in building brands we can’t just think different, we have to think ahead. The brands and companies that succeed are those that manage, capture and create change in the world around them. At Publicis, the “Lead the Change” approach is our tool to help brands do this.

the team

Genc Meraku

Genc Meraku

Ben Dobroshi

Ben Dobroshi

Chief Operating Officer
Driton Avdyli

Driton Avdyli

Creative Director
Genc Dauti

Genc Dauti

Chief Finance Officer

our work

our services

Specialised Communication Services; Creative solutions, Media Services, Direct Marketing, Digital Print & Promotional Supply; allows us to devise the professional, innovative and compelling solutions that most of the communication companies are simply unable to match.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

In all of the contemporary business ontexts, integrated marketing communications are repeatedly used. The sheer complexity of brand-building across different media, and of communicating marketing messages effectively, requires skills, methods and approaches that simply can not be achieved without the integrated methods of communications.

Multicultural Communications

Communications to meet the challenges of cultural diversity are a particular strength and value considering the multicultural challenges in Kosova

Direct Marketing

Zero Pozitive Publicis has created the first ever direct marketing services in Kosova and Albania, which together with international partners, provides solutions tailored to individual brands.


Zero Pozitive Publicis includes an operating team connected to the worldwide creative networks, and several regional agencies with special creative flair. The advertising team is positioned in its own way and has its own culture. The service offerings are also distinctive, meeting different client expectations to the final advertising production (TV, Print, and Interactive).

Product Development

We have particular experience in the FMCG market, based on our inside understanding of brands and retailers. Our experienced creative department comes up with conceptual product design and development that include naming, branding, packaging and marketing ideas that deliver maximum appeal to the target audience.

Events / Sponsorship

In this area, Publicis Events Worldwide is a leader for international and corporate conferences, and an expert in large-scale and top-level events. Our Zero Pozitive Publicis event-management team is another of the many Groupe entities organizing targeted, high-quality events.


Zero Pozitive Publicis is the key national player in Media Buying and Consultancy which is linked to the media services giant ZenithOptimedia. It offers a full range of media buying and consultancy services to provide clients with solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Our company’s creative business is conducted by the highprofile creative team. Services span all aspects of design from initial planning of visual identity to multi layered creative architecture.

Corporate Communications / Pr

Getting the message across the narrowly targeted, diverse groups in key positions calls for specialized know-how, available from our companies. Our companies’ service offerings range from product and brand promotion to institutional and corporate communication, plus crisis communication and issues management.

Branding / Consulting

Zero Pozitive Publicis provides specialized consultancy services in brand and business strategy, well ahead of any operational decision concerning communications tools.

Digital / New Media

Creative teams within our multi door operations have the talent and experience with Interactive technology to anticipate new developments, and regularly enhance the effectives of new media communications.

Shopper Marketing / Incentives

Building Business requires a sales force motivated for effective action as well as a comprehensive approach to the retail environment, often in less conventional distribution channels. Zero Pozitive Publicis has thus developed specialized expertise to raise product and brand profiles and reinforcing the needed sense of direction. Production / Publishing Whatever the media, creativity needs to be backed by production expertise.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Maurice Lévy

from the blog

Zero Pozitive and Stone Castle helped 100 families in need!

On the 10th of December, Zero Pozitive and Stone jointly helped 100 families in need, in the Municipality of Obiliq. During this cold winter days, a lot of families unfortunately are not lucky enough to enjoy the holidays due to bad financial conditions.

The Mayor of Obiliq  Xhafer Gashi expressed its gratitude and added that this activity was very much needed since the municipality has the largest number of families in need.

At this event, 50 food packages as well as 400 winter coats were given to the families, “this is just a small gesture that is continuing to become a tradition. Not every one of us can make big changes, but small changes made with a big heart are important” said Genc Meraku, Chairman, Zero Pozitive Publicis.

At the same time, Ismet Hulaj representative of Stone Castle talked about the importance of helping these families, he said that this activity has become a tradition and that they will continue in other cities as well.

The families were chosen from the Director of Health and Social Welfare, Ibush Mjekiqi who’s focus was more on the standalone mothers.

This action is an example for all of us, to see and spread happiness as much as we can even if it is for one person especially during this time of the year.

For more informations visit:

RTV21 Media

Gazeta Blic

Gazeta Express:


Republika e Kosoves

Bota Sot

Zero Pozitive Publicis at “John McCain” Charity Tournament

Zero Pozitive Publicis took part in the “John McCain” charity football tournament, honoring the friendship between the United States of America (USA) and Kosovo, whereas the aim of this fundraising event was to help SOS Children’s villages in Kosovo.


Zero Pozitive Publicis

Zero Pozitive Publicis

Zero Pozitive Publicis

Zero Pozitive Publicis

Zero Pozitive Publicis






Zero Pozitive Publicis at “ProWein 2018”

Zero Pozitive Publicis attended one of the largest wine and alcoholic beverage fair in the world “ProWein 2018” which was held in Düsseldorf, Germany.  This fair had 6,870 exhibitors from 64 countries and 60,000 visitors that were mostly Senior Managers and CEO’s.

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International Earth Day

April 22nd marks the International Earth Day, to mark this day Zero Pozitive Publicis joined the initiative of the Municipality of Prishtina “Be a Friend of Earth”.

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Genc Meraku

Genc Meraku luan rolë të rëndësishëm që Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) të fillon punën në Kosovë

Genc Meraku, themeluesi i Kompanisë së Marketingut – Zero Pozitive Publicis, ka luajtur nje rol kyq në formulimin e dokumentave dhe materialeve përkatëse në thirrjën e hapjës së Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) në Kosovë. Kompania Kosovare , KFC Kosova ka arritur që të marrë Franchisen e KFC dhe  është marka e parë ndërkombëtare ushqimore e cila ka  hapur një restorant zyrtar në Kosovë, dhe planifikon që së shpejti të hapë pika në gjithë Kosovën…

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