Ballo 21

  • Challenge
    As a part of the RTV 21 party in Kosovo, every year in a traditional way, through Ballo is marked the creation day of this media. Zero Pozitive Publicis, was the first agency which was chosen for organizing this glamorous event of this television.The main challenge was to create a glamorous environment for this party.
  • Idea
    The basic idea was to create something way more different than usually. For this reason we have chosen a special topic which followed this event all night long. The topic was “Great Geatsby” which later on created a magic night and ended up as one of the best nights for all of the guests of RTV21.
  • Result
    The result was obvious, because each of the guests had an amazing and special night like they said, regarding to the idea, the environment and the way of the organization. This night is transformed into one of the model nights when it comes to organizing Ballos in our country.

  • Client: RTV 21


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