Festo me Princin

Project Description

  • The last cooperation with Devolli Corporations was an image campaign we conducted with three major celebrity stars of our marketLeze Qena, Leonora Jakupi, and Ledri Vula that are represented as brand endorsers of Prince Café Turke and Prince Instant, respectively. 

  • The commercial was directed to spread a festive feeling and atmosphere that only the warmth and taste or Prince Café Turke and Prince Instant can create. To give this commercial a new twist the Santa’s that were distributing presents for the holiday smell the coffee from afar and decide to stop everything for a break and follow the smell which leads them to the house of coffee where Leze, Leonora and Ledri are. In the end all together are seen drinking the coffee and laughing through the joy and the taste of Prince Café Turke and Prince Instant. To complete this commercial we used a timeless song and adapted the lyrics of it so that it attracts the attention of the audience.

Project Details

  • Client: Devolli Corporation

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