Opening Event: IMK Steel Construction department

  • IMK Steel Construction department as part of Mabetex Group has been opened at Ferizaj, at the IMK Pipe Factory. The opening event was attended by many people from various fields and IMK showed its success and growth with its projects in European and Asian markets. 


  • President of Mabetex Group, Mr. Behxhet Pacolli during the event stated that IMK is being opened during a period where constructions from steel structure are necessary for buildings, stadiums and bridges that are being built. 

  • Executive Director of IMK Steel Construction, Mr. Feti Selmani during the event presented the investment that has been done to build this factory with the latest technological equipment in steel constructions. This investment in the factory and equipments makes this factory one of the few factories in Balkan to offer professional services in steel constructions. 

  • Steel Constructions Department of IMK started operating in early 2016 and provides engineering, manufacturing and assembly of steel constructions for commercial buildings, stadiums, bridges, sports facilities, reserves of fuel, telecommunications towers and similar constructions made of steel. 

  • This unit possesses the latest technology and advanced software as AllplanTekla, Midas, Cinema 4D and CNC, that production of light metal structures, production of metal constructions with average weight and production of metal constructions heavy weights.

  • Client: Mabetex Group


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