KFC – Grand Opening

  • KFC is the first international food brand to open an official Restaurant in Kosovo. Upon their request, we created the teaser and opening campaign which was achieved utilizing various media channels. Our assistance to KFC culminated with the grand opening of KFC at ALBI Mall in Prishtina

  • Initially we created the teaser campaign who’s purpose was to introduce the first KFC elements to the audience and announcing that something big is coming. For the Teaser, we used various outdoor media, digital articles where published on some of the most visited portals in Kosovo and the campaign was also pretty active on the social media. 

  • After the teasing campaign came to a conclusion, the curtains were opened and the audience was introduced with the first visual representation of the products offered. The mall was also branded with KFC elements and a new social campaign highlighting the story of Colonel Sanders was introduced to educate the audience about the origins of KFC. 

  • Finally, after two successful campaigns it was time for the grand opening event. This event, being of great importance, was put together through various elements and communication channels. Initially, personalized invitation letters were send to some of the most influential people in our society including: politicians, media editors, celebrities, corporate executives, etc. 

  • During the event, a number of speeches were held by the Major of Prishtina Mr. Shpend Ahmeti, the American Ambassador in Kosovo Mr. Greg Delawie, one of the owners of KFC Kosova Mr. Fatmir Zymberi, as well as, a representative of KFC CEE team. 

  • After the speeches, the attendees took part in the rope cutting ceremony that officially launched KFC into our Market. 

  • The event was concluded by the attendees trying various KFC products and enjoying the best tasting chicken in the world.      

  • Client: KFC


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