Prince Classic Launch Event

Project Description

  • Prince Classic Launch Event was one of the biggest events that Zero Pozitive Publicis organized for Devolli Corporations. The event was promoted through many teasers that announced Ledri Vula’s new song but the launch of Prince Classic was left a surprise. One week before the event was due Xuxi and Berati through their Metropol RadioShow promoted the event constantly inviting people to join them and Ledri at “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Prishtina. 

  • The day of the launch people had the chance to experience Metropol in a never before used format. Xuxi and Berati held the show live for the first time from 10AM calling out people to join them and announcing Ledri’s performance at 12PM. When people arrived at the event Prince Classic standpoints and signs covered the whole scene and they had the chance to try the new coffee for free. 

  • At 12PM Ledri was unviled as the new brand endorser of Prince Instant. Prince Classic was officially launched; Ledri held a concert and promoted his new song (the song of the campaign). Several promotional items besides free coffee were distributed during the event along with a CD of Ledri’s new song of the campaign. 

  • This event aside from being broadcasted live from Metropoli Radio was also transmitted live from Klan Kosova on television and was later followed on several online portals.

Project Details

  • Client: Devolli Corporation






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