20 years of journeying!

Post war debris, no radio, no television, no satellite communication and us face to face with it, motivated with the most human idea, to establish communication. We started as a small company with a printed figure of big elephant placed outside the terrace of my office. The elephant was the “hello”, as one of the first marketing messages, a hello to any person, initiating communication in itself.

History goes like this: in 1999, big elephant in the balcony, distinctive to the environment. My office at downtown Prishtina, crowds of people gathering every day, moving aimlessly, with no governing system, no jobs in place, public communication not yet established, and the collective trauma accumulated to the very absence of expression and devastation of communication. Prishtina was the news of the day in the worldwide media. It was flooded with international humanitarian workers and activists. Hospitality services were one of the few businesses timidly reborn. Only one hotel was active and running its business. It was the only possible exchange of communication and business.

I went to Zeke Çeku the boss of the Grand Hotel Prishtina, and said, “I would like to make a website for your hotel.”

He said, “Okay, you’re on. Do it.”

And everything after that happened so fast. From there, it had taken weeks to establish a website. More to educate hotel’s staff about its own website and more importantly to outline the voice of the business. I was feeling the thrill like enrolling in the Westminster University in London, I cherished every day. I was in overwhelming enthusiasm of breaking through the debris of our society. It was a dream come true, building communication in my own country. It was the very essence of communication. It felt like communication was being invented.

It took some time and education about the initiation of Zero Pozitive. It took human care and iron will for our first call of hello with Ipko, communication was established and the network is up and running. The clients started to pile up…

We developed the market, the need for it, and its system. It is proven that any society initiates through its market. Initiation of a society from its remains to an organized collective and socially active society was achieved through the most essential step of the free market economy. We took care of our clients and we helped them build communication and growth.

We were conscious of the devastation, crudeness of our society’s potential and we knew the way out of isolation. We believed in our vision to open a better way to establish communication through marketing, establishing a market itself as the introduction of collective exchange, to become later the vital part of the country’s origin off effect as Made in Kosova.

We take our work as a journey forward embodying the needs of our clients and this was no ordinary journey. It was the expedition that evolved from expressing the first hello to the society, in to the most important marketing agency in Kosovo. It is a drive that opened the world of possibilities to our clients, turning them into lasting possibilities for they establishments.

– Genc S. Meraku MSc