Wall of Fame

Kevin Sbraga
for Food Diplomacy
in Kosovo

Kevin Sbraga is one of the top chefs in the USA. He has been well recognized in the whole world as the winner of the Top Chef season 7. Kevin is also known as the judge of the master chef. He visited Kosovo during an event for food diplomacy that was held by the American Embassy in Kosovo.

Zero Pozitive gained the trust of the American Embassy to organize this big event for food diplomacy, which was concepted as a type of cultural diplomacy for our country.

Dafina Zeqiri an influential figure for Starcard

Dafina Zeqiri also known mononymously as Dafina, is a Kosovo-Albanian singer, songwriter and composer. She is noted for her versatility in music and considered an influential figure in contemporary Albanian music.

Dafina, as an influential figure, was part of the very first campaign of Starcard, a very successful product launched by TEB Bank, BNP Paribas, which is one of the biggest and most known banks in Kosovo. 

Leze Qena and Leonora Jakupi the most beloved figures of the public

Leze Qena was one of the greatest actresses of our country, who dedicated her whole life and artistic work to Albanian theater. She was such a great artistic figure, well-known and popular for her positive fame.

Leonora Jakupi is one of the most famous and favorite singers in Albanian lands. She is known as a singer and songwriter, who started his career at the age of 15. Leonora remains and continues to be one of the most original singers of Kosovo.

The iconic figures were the main characters of all Prince Cafe Turke campaigns in the last 15 years.The best-selling product from Devolli Princ Caffe and the best-selling coffee product in our country and in the countries of the region.

Stupcat. The best comedy group in Kosovo.

Stupcat is a humorous group that debuted in 2002 from the Radio Television of Kosovo. The group “STUPCAT” is consisted of Vedat Bajrami, Osman Azemi and Mensur Safqiu. They are one of the most known comedians and lovable characters in every region of Kosovo. They are currently producing a series of shows which are broadcast weekly.

STUPCAT were part of the campaigns for Z-mobile, one of the most known operators in Kosovo. These campaigns were considered very successful campaigns, given that during these campaigns Z-mobile stimulated their own competitors, thus giving this company greater recognition from the entire Kosovar audience.

Elvana Gjata for TEB BNP Paribas and Starcard.

Elvana Gjata also known mononymously as Elvana, is an Albanian singer, songwriter, actress, composer and entrepreneur. She is noted for her versatility in music, performance and presentation. An iconic figure, loved by all Albanian-Kosovar audiences.

After the launch of Starcard, a product by TEB Bank, BNP Paribas, managed to become one of the most used bank cards by all of the customers. In order to support this innovative product, Zero Positive created an extraordinary marketing campaign, the main character of which was Elvana Gjata.

Donat Qosja the iconic influencer of VITA Milk

Donat Qosja is a well-known Albanian actor from Kosovo who has acted in several films and series. He is one of the most lovable figures from all the people in Kosovo, who is remembered for various roles during his acting career, Donati gave and continues to give a genuine culture of acting in all Albanian land.

Donati is also better known as VITA milk influencer. A product from Devolli Corporation, the biggest dairy factory. Over the years, Zero Pozitive created very successful campaigns for VITA Milk, highlighting the last campaign which was concepted and produced for the 18th anniversary of VITA Milk.

Xhensila Myrtezaj for Prince Cafe Turke

Xhensila Myrtezaj also known mononymously as Xhensila, is an Albanian singer, model and entrepreneur. She is one of the most known singers in Kosovo and Albania, who has given some very beautiful projects to the audience during her singing career.

As the Prince Cafe Turkish was growing by leaps and bounds, it began to expand also into other areas thus creating an APP that predicts the future based on the reading of lines, shapes or figures inside a cup of Turkish Coffee. As always Zero Pozitive supported Devolli Group for its very first app with an extraordinary campaign, the main character of which was Xhensila Myrtezaj.

Ledri Vula and the launching of Prince Instant

Ledri Vula is a Kosovo-Albanian rapper, singer and songwriter. In his music career he has produced many collaborations with other famous national and international singers, and most of his projects are well-known hits.

Ledri was also the main character on one of the Prince Instant campaigns, concepted and created by Zero Pozitive. As part of this campaign, Zero Pozitive organized a concert with Ledri Vula in the main square of the capital city of Kosovo which was sponsored by Prince Caffe.  The event was promoted through many teasers that announced Ledri Vula’s new song but the launch of Prince Instant was left a surprise. When people arrived at the event, Prince Classic standpoints and signs covered the whole scene and they had the chance to try the new coffee for free. Ledri was unveiled as the new brand endorser of Prince Instant.

His excellency Mr. Greg Delawie Former United States Ambassador to Kosovo at the KFC launch event.

Mr. Delawie, the US Ambassador in Kosovo, was sworn in as Ambassador on July 24, 2015. He presented his credentials to President Jahjaga on August 21. Previously, Mr. Delawie was present at the grand opening Event for KFC, the first international food brand in Kosovo.

Zero Pozitive conducted the teaser and opening campaign which was achieved utilizing various media channels. Our assistance to KFC culminated with the grand opening of KFC at ALBI Mall in Prishtina. After the speeches, the attendees took part in the rope cutting ceremony that officially launched KFC into our Market.

The event was concluded by the attendees trying various KFC products and enjoying the best tasting chicken in the world.

Tayna and Prince Instant

Doruntina Shala, known professionally as Tayna, is a Kosovo-Albanian rapper and singer. She rose to prominence in the Albanian-speaking Balkans upon the releases of some of the breakthrough songs. Her success was further solidified in 2020 as she signed a record contract with Sony Music.

Tayna, as one of the most famous Albanian rappers, became the image of the most famous brand and at the same time the most delicious coffee in the country – Prince Instant. The artist signed a contract with Devolli Corporation, as she became part of eight campaigns of Prince Instant, concepted and created from Zero Pozitive.

Superstar James Blunt gave the very first concert in Prishtina

James Blunt giving a concert in Prishtina was a crucial event to the threading of our society in its life as a newborn. We were engaged in full realization and representation of the first international concert ever in Kosovo, and we related the inauguration as Zero Pozitive.

The organization of the global super star James Blunt’s concert was a very successful project for our company. Also James Blunt’s manager expressed deep respect for the organization of the activity related to the concert and interviews in Kosovo’s media.

Xhejlane Godanci for Meridian Express

Xhejlane Godanci is considered one of the most famous actresses in Kosovo. During her career she played different kinds of roles in some of the most known series and films in Kosovo. With her presence and her acting she gave the freshness and humor on each series she played.

She was the iconic figure of Meridian Express, the most successful grocery store in Kosovo. Zero Pozitive created the first campaign for this company which was based on the slogan ‘’At the door of the house’’. This campaign with its influencer Xhejlane Godanci was considered as a very successful campaign. Even today Meridian Express continues to be one of the loyal clients of Zero Pozitive.

Kida became the face of Prince Quick

Orhidea Latifi a well known singer from Kosovo, known professionally as Kisa is one of the most famous singers in our country. With a large number of fans, she is known for her positive energy, creativity and talent in singing and dancing. In a very short period of time, Kida achieved fame through her very successful projects.

As she was one of the youngest famous singers Kida became the main character of Prince Quick, a product launched by Devolli Corporation. Zero Pozitive created the very first campaign for the launch of this product. As the first campaign had shown great success, our company continued to create other campaigns for this product, always in collaboration with the famous singer Kida.

Altuna Sejdiu for Patos

Altuna Sejdiu, also known professionally as Tuna, is a Macedonian-Albanian singer and songwriter. She is one of the most famous singers in Albania territories, which for many years brought many successful projects for all of her fans, thus becoming an icon of modern Albanian music.

Since she was a beloved character for the whole Albanian people. Zero Pozitive decided to collaborate with her in one of the marketing campaigns created  for Patos. At the time, this campaign created a huge buzz in the entire audience by creating strong connections between the company and its customers.

The very first Miss Kosovo, Aferdita Paqarada on one of IPKO’s campaigns

Aferdita Paqarada, a well-known Albanian model, was declared the very first Miss of Kosovo. With a unique style, elegance and beauty she has conquered every stage she has been a participant.

Given its unique style, she became part of one of the campaigns for IPKO, the most known operators in our country. The campaign was considered as a very successful project which was very well received by the entire public, thus bringing success to the company.

The famous banner ‘’Laj duart Zana’’ was sold to Zero Pozitive in a charity auction

One of the most famous banners in Pristina was the photograph of former Kosovo President Ms. Ahtifete Jahjaga, holding a gun in her hand during a visit to the KSF. The banner had the inscription “Wash your hands Zana” which was positioned in one of the pubs in Prishtina. This painting was put up for auction in order to be sold for charity.

Zero Positive became part of this auction in order to contribute to this humanitarian cause, as at the end of the auction, the banner was sold to our company.

Zero Pozitive and Robin Krasniqi, a professional boxer from Germany

Robin Krasniqi is a German professional Boxer from Kosovo. He held the IBO light-heavyweight title from 2020 to October 2021. He previously held the WBA interim light-heavyweight title from 2020 to August 2021 and at regional level the European super-middleweight title from 2018 to 2019.

Zero Pozitive have worked for a long time in creating the brand identity of Robin Krasniqi, world boxing champion. Our creative staff, years ago created the identification logo of Robin Krasniqi which today is the representative logo of this world champion.

Our company was the very first agency who stayed beside Robin Krasniqi, and through years in collaboration with our champion we have created a various video advertising campaigns in order to honor his career. 



With close cooperation with our partners we plan to expand our portfolio with a range of products and services for reputable national clients, international clients, social media content and publishing as well as other businesses currently owned or managed by the company.


With close cooperation with our partners we plan to expand our portfolio with a range of products and services for reputable national clients, international clients, social media content and publishing as well as other businesses currently owned or managed by the company.

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